About Kerri Fuhr

A full time glass bead artist living in beautiful British Columbia, Canada, Kerri has been creating her distintive glass beads since September 2000. With a focus on creating beads for jewelry designers to use in their own collections, Kerri keeps busy creating new designs and reproducing her existing lines of beads for her dedicated clients. Glass beads have been handmade in various cultures around the world for over 3,000 years. This ancient art form has made a resurrection in North America over the last two decades and the popularity of glass beads is steadily rising. Using a torch and raw glass brought in from Italy and made locally, Kerri creates her distinctive focal beads, hearts and vessels each created with the jewelry designer in mind. While seemingly delicate, each glass bead and vessel is carefully annealed in a digitally controlled kiln to temper the glass and strengthen it for a lifetime of wearability and enjoyment.

Coming from an artistic family, Kerri learned early on to appreciate quality and craftsmanship. Her mother, Carol Simpson Taylor - a successful painter, and her brother, Cory Fuhr - an internationally recognized steel sculptor, have both been strong influences in her art. Before pursuing glass and jewelry design as a full time career, Kerri worked for years in Naturopathic medicine and massage therapy. This led to studying the art of Aromatherapy and she incorporated the use of essential oils in her practice. Recently her art has taken her full circle back to her past in natural healing, as her new line of glass Aroma Vessels are the perfect way to wear your favorite essential oils and perfume.

Kerri's work can be purchased online though her Etsy Store also at several shops and shows throughout the year.